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A Bit About Me

Origins in Music

I am basically a quiet person but when I get around music it just moves and inspires me. 
My musical journey began as a vocalist in my own band in 2002. During that time I also helped my husband DJ weddings. In 2012 I had the good fortune to became one a lead vocalists in a band led by the former trumpet player for Ray Charles - Bobby Medina and his show band. Shortly after that my husband encouraged me to sing a song during dinner at a wedding. It was so well received that singing became part of the SHOW.   It has been a love affair ever since. I LOVE being part of lifting the spirits of those around me during events. 
I created DJ Live Show Experience because I know how awesome live music is (I know I love it!) and at the same time how expensive it can get. I wanted to offer something Live and Entertaining yet affordable!
It's hard to describe the energy created in my events but I'm hoping the videos provided shows the potential fun and energy you, your friends and family can expect  : )

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